Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, maybe I should get back to this...

Hello, hello, hello.

I've really neglected this place, so... after seeing some other people's really neat, uplifting, and inspiring blogs, I thought I'd get back to mine, and perhaps push some of the stuff from (two?) years ago to the back. Yeash, no longer a 'dump whatever' blog will this be...

So, if I don't get lazy again, and if this all goes as planned, this blog will be primarily an art blog, along with the reason/inspiration for the piece. You may even get illustrations with excerpts along with them! wont that be exciting? I can practically feel your excitement.

Sarcasm is so unbecoming...


by "art" I mean mostly sketches or doodles... but I find they can be fun sometimes, and everyone likes a bit of fun now and again, right? Or course right.

Before I lose ambition, here is the first "new" art! YAY!

Okay, so these are the three main characters of an RPG (role-playing-game. Basically, what it is, is you write parts of a story from your own characters point of view. There usually is no plot, so, generally, you don't know what's going to happen next. It's sickeningly delightful.) between me and two very dear friends of mine. Trapsin Evente is mine, Javanna (Tenerin Mornen), and Black Star are my friend's (Rachel and Sarah's respectively).
Trapsin is a nobody, and Javanna and Black Star are deep in deep stuff. Trapsin pretty much invited himself into their problems without knowing it because he was too afraid of his own. Trapsin is so... very much a character. To me he is anyway. I don't even look at Trapsin as "MY CHARACTER" you know? he just sort of 'is' and I have the wonderful, delightful, privilege of writing for him.

Anyway, the reason behind these sketches... this was an original idea for a "graphic" for the front page of the Yahoo!Group that holds the RPG. The three main characters eyes and then a "bust" of each. I have since come up with another idea I like much more that, Lord willing, I will successfully tackle.

I think I just jinxed myself.

Livie Out.


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Azsandman65 said...

Interesting, back to this,,, So the past is not gone? I guess then it's just misplaced, no? Ah well, then to the future! Hi Livie, my page is almost as ignored. Love the pics!

Jennifer Linforth said...

Love the art! Beyond writing I have a BFA myself... not that I use it.. character run amok in my brain too much

Thanks for stopping by Tip of the Quill.

I really need to blog more lest I suffer the wrath of my publicist...

azsandman65 said...

Ok Livie, the opportunity is never the one we expect. I know! Also, one must often look under many rocks until finding a worm. As well, the pics are GREAT! The blond, Rhianna and Tiana. You must go to my page and read World of Darkness part one and 2. email me. You need to get that degree, you and B. Your gift horse is waiting. Ride,,, and you shall mount up with wings as eagles. To ride the Pegasus!