Saturday, February 21, 2009

Portly folio

UPDATED: More enties. Sent the blasted thing in today via e-mail and the administrator said Bethany and I had a good chance at a scholarship? 100% grant? something along those lines if we started in June, and wrote a letter thing about why we chose the Academy of Art and what we plan to do with our futures. I'm really, really excited, but at the same time I wanted to go to Indiana this summer. If it's in God's will, it will all work out. If NOT well, I'll swing with it. That sounds really ungrateful, and it's not suppossed to. I guess I just can't quite grasp it all right now... Oh, yeah, I promised new entires. Here ya go!

Kay, kiddos. This is the sorry mess that is my college portfolio SO FAR. I still need, like, 11 more entries. And these are pretty sorry for a portfolio, but hey, it's the best I got. I know, I know! She's little loose lookin'... I'm sorry if your eyes are bleeding. She's my villain I've had in my head for 5 to 7 years. I lost count, but that's pretty irrelevant. She basically has the "Look, but you touch and I'll rip your hand off and feed it to you." attitude. Don't fret, the character mellows... this is just her at her most rebellious, evilness state. UGH I HATE THIS but it's all I have to show my "realistic portrait" stuff and it ain't much. Drew this back in... 05 or 03. I'll have to check the date again. Either way, dinosaurs still walked the earth. Christine Daae, in my cartoony style done on coral painter with my trusty tablet. Not too fond of this either. Whatever. I'm not fond of any of, really Done with Prismacolor markers... I would like this better if Christine (yeah, this is Christine Daae as a mom. Daae wouldn't be her last name, though) didn't look so kooky. She looks TOO animated if that were possible. Leave it to me to ruin something with over dramatics. Erik, the Phantom of the Opera in Pen&Ink! He looks like Michael Jackson! Still can't decide who's freakier. The Brotherhood of Mutants done "X-Men Evolution" style, in acrylic paint. I know I'll have a better, more realistic acrylic portrait in the portfolio. I'm not even sure why this is in here. Just a filler I guess. Shows you how much finished stuff I really have. http://http// This will only play once (yeah, it moves! EXCITING!) So you might have to A: refresh the page a scroll down quick, or B: click on the image and it will replay in another window. I hate this animation, but I get a good reaction from it, so that's a good thing, right? My Swedish Princess, Anja, in a looping walk cycle. I got sick of this, so that's why it shtinks so royally. She was supposed to kinda glide along while still retaining an awkwardness about her. I think I achieved the awkwardness because she looks like she's going to fall and she regains her balance. Watch her arms: it's funny. http://http// ON THE LINK TO TAKE YOU TO AN ACTUAL ONE THAT MOVES Fair warning, this is a huge file, so it will take a moment to load properly, then it should work fine.

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