Friday, November 13, 2009

Stop-mo puppet


GhettoFab said...


Loads of inspirational work on your blog

very glad I stumbled acrossed it

David Nethery said...

This is outstanding Stop-Motion Puppet modeling. Can't wait to see the animation.

Hopelessly Hopeful said...

What's it made of?

azsandman65 said...

Livie!! If this is your puppet, I sooo need a new avatar. He is perfect. Who gave you the picture of me in the morning before I've had coffee? The hair is a little red but otherwise , WOW!

Livie Lightyear said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, everybody!

Mel, I looked at your stuff. Very nice work. You're inspirational to me! Thanks for that!

Mr. Nethery, thank you *so* much. That means a lot coming from you. Don't know if you've been on the board for a bit, but we're planning out the final animation now. I'm hoping to get all of my set and props done by the end of this week so I can start animating him right away. I could show you the test, but eh, I'm not too happy with it. I didn't use the onion-skin feature in TVP and it shows! That program is awesome when I remember all the features it has...

Rachel, He's made from MANY things. He has a wire, square tubing, and wooden skeleton. I fleshed him out with furnature foam that I carved, and his skin is latex. His clothes I made a pattern for and they're just... fabric. his vest is leather, though, as well as his gloves and "socks." I carved his shoes from wood, and he has bolts with nuts to hold him to a table for animating.

See? That was a loaded question!

Stan, I just guessed... I made his hair redder so you wouldn't notice, but MAN! You caught me! His name be Bjorn, by the way! I based him off of a Swedish fairytale... Yes, I read Swedish fairytales.