Wednesday, January 2, 2008

There may be hope for me yet!

"...7. Industry: Independent Artists, Writers and Performers

Occupations: Graphic design, photography, copywriting, website design, musical performers, dancers, actors.
Where the jobs are: Restaurants, night clubs, casinos, newspapers, advertising agencies, theaters, television stations, cable networks, private agents.

^one of the top eight career fields that are supposed to be growing this year. Now, if it only holds out long enough for me to get in and out of college... See the full article here:

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azsandman65 said...

No, you're wrong. All hope for you is lost. To find it seek the cave where the sand is hot. Beware the Silver Dragon. DO NOT touch the white egg. Find the answer to the gift within you. You want a career? Choose well. I can almost paint your future now:)But while your waiting it doesn't hurt to make some money. May the Multicolor Dragon set your brushes on fire. Nuff said.